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Knutson's Live Bait

Blind Camo

Speed Reed Synthetic Panels
• Strong, unbreakable strands
• Realistic, permanent color tones
• Can also be painted to match different environments
• Treated to eliminate shine and glare
• Highly durable
• Solid mounting points
• Multi-season performance
• Easy to handle
• Overlap every 50cm for total concealment
• Versatile, has many uses
• 24” W x 27” T

Speed Reed Synthetic Panels

$47.99 2-PACK

Camo Unlimited

Stealth Grass
Made from all natural grasses, Tanglefree's Stealth Grass will help your hunt be more successful by blending you into the natural environment. Perfectly dyed and mixed into 4 different unique options allows you to choose the perfect camo to cover your blind or boat. Whether you are hunting in a dry field, boat or marsh, Tanglefree Stealth Grass will have you covered.

TF-SG001 Field Brown Blend
$32.99 EACH

TF-SG002 Corn Stalk
$32.99 EACH

TF-SG003 Green Field
$32.99 EACH

TF-SG004 Natural
$32.99 EACH

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