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Knutson's Live Bait

Ground Blinds

Field and Suite Blind
• All aluminum frame and solid aluminum hinges
• Folds flat to fit in standard truck box for easy transport
• Heavy duty 600D PVC coated exterior with extended skirt for extra wind protection
• All corners and bottoms double reinforced for abrasion resistance
• 16 Internal shell storage pouches (8 On each side)
• 4 Shooting holes on top
• 8 Mesh viewing windows (16” x 6” - 4 On each side)
• Set-up dimensions: 11’ L x 3’ W (at top)/4’(bottom) x 4’H
• 42 lb. total weight and folds to 68” x 52”
• 9 Rows of CamoStrap for stubbling
• Dog door entries on each end of one side
• 32” Steel stakes with heavy duty collar system to securely hold blind in place


AVRY1671 -  Marsh Brown
$729.99 EACH
AVRY1672 -  Max7
$779.99 EACH

AVX7001 A-Frame Blind
The ultimate in lightweight versatility! Redefining field mobility and portability. The new Avian-X A-Frame Blind offers the next best thing to total invisibility in marshes, fence lines, or waterways. Even open fields! Don't waste time searching for cover. Take it with you! The A-Frame Blind features a non-corrosive aluminum modular frame complemented by a rugged 900-Denier Mossy Oak shell. Grass straps and pockets incorporated into the blind's outer cover allow for quick, easy, and complete concealment using natural vegetation, while the A-Frame design eliminates those bird-flaring hard edges and shadows so common with other blinds. The A-Frame can easily accommodate four hunters, yet sets up in mere minutes. Comes complete with 4 adjustable gun clips and EZ-Carry webbing strap, makes packing the A-Frame into the field a cinch.
Size: 96"long x 60" wide x 48" tall
Camo: Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades.

AVX7001 A-Frame Blind
$349.99 EACH

AVX7005 G-Blind
From the team who brought you the A-Frame blind comes an all-new waterfowl blind that compliments the original game-changing A-Frame. The new, Avian-X G-Blind features a unique G-shaped frame that provides overhead concealment from overhead flights and adverse weather. The G-Blind has more of the traditional duck blind design that most hunters grew up shooting from. This design has a 9” higher profile than the original A-Frame blind and is better suited for hunting in fence rows, brush lines or wherever the cover is denser.

The blind is constructed from a sturdy yet portable aluminum frame for easy assembly in the field. After mastering the set-up process, expect it to take under 3 minutes per blind. Its heavy-duty, 600D cover will stand up for many seasons of hard use. The G-Blind provides enough height to shoot sitting down or standing up. For the G-Blind, Avian-X chose Mossy Oak's all-new Shadow Grass Habitats camo. Its digital reproduction of the vegetation in the waterfowl habitat blends seamlessly with natural vegetation. The cover also features grassing straps and pockets for adding natural vegetation from the surrounding area to completely disappear. The new cover design features a newly upgraded door-closer system that utilizes an adjustable cambuckle at the bottom that makes closing the blind much easier than in the past. The G-Blind holds up to four hunters and with included carry strap can be transported easily with grass and vegetation attached.

AVX7005 G-Blind
$399.99 EACH

B-WAT-100A Ultimate Waterfowl Blind
• Accommodates 4 hunters
• Lightweight and robust aluminum chassis
• Easy to assemble
• The shape offers hunters an area to support their firearms
• Covered with a 600D very resistant fabric
• Straps fastened around the tent to place vegetation, monocot or reed to enhance camouflage
• Interior pockets to store accessories and belts
• Camouflage pattern
Size: 100” L x 60” W x 45” H
B-WAT-100A Ultimate Waterfowl Blind
$339.99 EACH

B-WAT-15  Hay Bale Blind
• Stakes and High Wind Tie-Downs
• Elastic Brush Pockets /Integral Brush Pockets
• Ground Stakes and High Wind Tie-Downs
• Rip-Cord Release
• Backpack carrying case:  28” diameter x 6” thick
• Weighs approximately 17 lbs.
• 60" square x 60" tall
B-WAT-15  Hay Bale Blind
$179.99 EACH

Ghille Shallow Water Chair Blind
How many times have you looked across a flooded field loaded with ducks and geese, then said “If only there was somewhere to hide.” Those days are over. This one-man duck hunting blind’s portability and small footprint is a game changer. Rather than taking a folding chair and adapt a top to it, we constructed a duck hunting blind from the ground up. Our patent-pending tri-fold design, all-aluminum square tubing is built to last. The main frame has no plastic parts to break. The rugged aluminum mud pads run the full front to rear length giving you rock solid stability when out in a flooded field or buck brush.

• Rugged HD2 Material with Grass Straps & Pockets
• Strong, durable aluminum
• Flip-Top Bonnet with See-Through Mesh
• Adjustable Legs by 5”
• Oversized Seat for Comfort
• Easy Set-Up/Break-Down
• Patent Pending Tri-Fold Design
• Dimensions:
Height - 55" to 60"
Interior - 32" x 30"
Folded - 48" x 30" x 7"
27 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity of 400 lbs.

Ghille Shallow Water Chair Blind
DHG2010-015 – Max-5
DHG2010-022 – Habitat
$279.99 EACH

Ghille 4-Man Blind with No Shadow Dual Action Top
• No-Shadow Dual Action Top with One-Way See-Through Mesh
• Adjustable Legs 32" to 50"
• Front Double Wall Gate
• 2 Back Corner Entry/Exits
• Bottom Stake-Out Loops
• One Man Set-Up/Breakdown 4-6 minutes
• Rugged Aluminum Square Tubing
• Rugged HD2™ Material with Grass Straps
• Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap Included
• Dimensions: 102” L x 48” W x 60” H
• 48 lbs


Ghille 4-Man Blind with No Shadow Dual Action Top
DHG1000-015 – Max-5
DHG1000-022 – Habitat
$429.99 EACH

LD-21-10419-4 2x4 Blind
No crossbars means man-sized hunters don't have to duck to navigate this blind. Called the 2x4 because once fully assembled at 10-feet long it will hunt (4) comfortably. Only set up half of the blind for a 5-foot section that is suitable for (2) hunters. Constructed of heavy-duty 7/8" square tubing that provides more support and will greatly reduce sagging. The blind cover is made of durable 900 denier fabric with a PVC backing and has storage pockets on the inside for each hunter. Complete with: 10' and 5' blind cover, carrying strap, and (4) metal gun rests.

LD-21-10419-4 2x4 Blind
$599.99 EACH

LD-10520-7 2x4 Blind Snow Cover
Stay hidden in your 2x4 Blind even when the snow starts falling. The 2x4 Snow Cover is made of durable 600D fabric that is a natural white color. There are no additives to the material that may give a blue hue in low light snow conditions. Quickly and easily install the cover just like the canvas cover included with the blind. The Snow Cover also includes interior pockets for storage and is only for the 10' section.
• Made of durable 600 denier fabric with a PVC backing
• Non-reflective white fabric does not reflect UV rays
• Interior pockets for storage
• Includes the cover only (no bars)

LD-10520-7 2x4 Blind Snow Cover
$299.99 EACH

FG-AXKIT Fast Grass Kit for A-Frame Blind
Custom made Fast Grass sheets designed specifically for the Avian-X A-Frame Blind. Each kit contains 2 sheets, one for each side of the blind. Also included in the kit is a package of zip ties for permanent attachment to the Avian-X cover. Once attached to the cover all you have to do is roll up the sides for easy take down and easy set-up.

FG-AXKIT Fast Grass Kit for A-Frame Blind
$149.99 Per Kit

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