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Knutson's Live Bait

Bufflehead Decoys
Model # STD 26-27 BuffleHead

We have asked for many years for a BuffleHead decoy from many different companies and one has responded. Sport-Plast in 2006 is producing a 12 1/2", weighted keel version for those diver hunters that have been looking to add this decoy to their spread. They are packed 6 Drakes and 6 Hens per dozen. Also available in Drakes only.

$21.99 pair
$59.99 per 6 pak
$109.99 per Dozen - 6 Drakes/6 Hens
$114.99 per Dozen - Drakes Only

STD 26-27 BuffleHead
$21.99 Pair
STD 26-27 BuffleHead
$59.99 per 6 pk
STD 26-27 BuffleHead
$109.99 per dozen-6 Drakes/6 Hens
STD-26 BuffleHead
$114.99 per dozen-Drakes Only

Bufflehead Decoys
TF-D6019D Migration Edition Bufflehead - Drakes Only
The migration edidtion decoys are made to withstand the toughest conditions. 100% foam filled bodies allow these decoys to ride high in the water and make them unsinkable. Realistic body postures and paint schemes, weighted keel adds likelike movement on the water.

• Carved by Master Carver Don Mintz
• Foam Filled
• 12.25" long
• Weighted Keel
• Packaged 6 Drakes

$23.99 PER PAIR
$61.99 PER 6 Pk.

Migration Edition Bufflehead - Drakes Only
$23.99 per pair
Migration Edition Bufflehead - Drakes Only
$61.99 per 6 Pk.

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