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Knutson's Live Bait

Gadwall Decoys

FL-5632-MSU Masters Series Classic Gadwall
A homage to the days of waterfowling where custom, hand-carved cork and balsa decoys were what filled the flyway spreads. This classic decoy still thrives today as our tried-and-true classic design with exceptional durability and on-the-water realism of the highest degree.
Includes: 4 Drakes and 2 Hens per 6 Pack
• 14.5" Overall length
• Lightweight, proprietary hard resin construction for rugged durability
• New and improved detailed paint schemes with reinforced adhesion
• Features Flambeau's exclusive, patented UVision paint technology that mimics the ultraviolet signature of a live mallard for enhanced realism
• Original trapezoidal keel with forward tie-off point

FL-5632-MSU Hunter Series Life-Size Gadwall Decoys
$67.99 per 6 Pack

AVRY-73045 Hunter Series Life-Size Gadwall Decoys
Our original line of duck decoys is still going strong in the Hunter Series. True-to-life postures with vivid color schemes combined in a durable package designed for hard use. 60/40 Dura-Keel design guarantees a perfect ride in any situation. These decoys are the ultimate blend of economy and performance.
• 60/40 Dura-Keel
• 6 Pack includes: 4 Drakes and 2 Hens

AVRY-73045 Hunter Series Life-Size Gadwall Decoys
$59.99 per 6 Pack

AVRY-73145 Pro-Grade Gadwall Decoys
• Professional grade durability that stands up to rigorous use
• Perfected anatomical body postures create the ultimate flock
• High definition feather detail, combined with striking color schemes
• Weight forward 60/40 keel design
• Color contrast increases long range visibility

Six pack includes:
2 - 14-1/2” Relaxed Drake
1 - 13-1/2” Content Hen
1 - 17” Surface Feeder Drake
1 - 15” Surface Feeder Hen
1 - 16” Swivel Head Drake

AVRY-73145 Pro-Grade Gadwall Decoys
$76.99 per 6 Pack

AVX-8085 Top Flight Gadwall Decoys
Gadwalls or gray ducks as most call them, can be some of the South’s wariest ducks. Come late season, these birds will circle your spread many times and a lot of times gain altitude with every pass. Level the playing field with these Gadwall decoys. Take advantage of the master pieces, created with the attitude of fully plumed, late season gray ducks. Their short robust body shape was captured and decorated with the spot on silver-gray sheen of a real gray duck. Packaged 2 Low Head Drakes, 2 High Head Drakes and 2 Low Head Hens per six pack.

AVX-8085 Top Flight Gadwall Decoys
$99.99 per 6 Pack

STD-80-81 Standard Weighted Keel Gadwall
These Sport-Plast Standard Weighted Keel Gadwal, also known as Grey Ducks, are made with the same great detail as all of the other Sport-Plast decoys. The drake and the hen both measure 13-1/2" from the breast to the tail. These decoys are packaged 6 drakes and 6 hens per dozen.

Standard Weighted Keel Gadwall
$29.99 per Pair
Standard Weighted Keel Gadwall
$74.99 per 6 Pack
Standard Weighted Keel Gadwall
$139.99 per Dozen

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